This website’s aim is to archive some of the documentary films that I have had the privilege to work on and which I believe should be available publicly for students, researchers, communities, etc. They range from broadcast productions, through creative practice outputs at universities, to community-based productions, and their themes range from the conflict in North/ern Ireland, to post-apartheid South Africa, to police and army violence in Haiti and Brazil.

On each film, I have worked collaboratively with, and owe much credit to, other creatives, including producers, cinematographers, project managers, archivists, and web designers. I have also used collaborative practices with the productions’ participants as far as feasible, e.g. the Prisons Memory Archive has an Advisory Group made up of participants, while individual films have always been screened for participant approval prior to public exhibition. More on each project can be found in the Writings section, where context and reflections are offered, sometimes written with collaborators.

The films are free to access but some are not free to download, since this latter might breach some of the commitments to those who contributed to the films.